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Maintenance is crucial to making sure that buildings and their essential equipment operate at peak capacity. A lack of or inadequate maintenance means more than things just slowly falling apart, it can even have health and safety impacts on occupants. The basic argument for preventative maintenance is one of minimizing these risks to ensure the health and safety of others as well as equipment efficiency, but there’s actually a myriad of other benefits!

1. Preventative Maintenance is More Cost-Efficient

There are actually many ways that adopting a preventative maintenance strategy can save you money and help you budget better. The obvious point here is that equipment that is maintained last longer than equipment that isn’t. When you adopt this anticipatory method, it has residual cost benefits like improved budget control or minimized production disturbances in the event something is wrong.

  • Budget control improvements come from the ability to better control the sourcing of parts and labour in advance (maybe even on sale)
  • Minimized disruption is due to the ability to schedule things for optimal times of the year (e.g. slower periods with less impact).

2. Preventative Maintenance Programs Maximize Equipment Reliability

Optimizing efficiency and performance are things that are always welcomed and obviously have an implicit cost-benefit. When equipment is functioning more effectively, the life of that equipment is extended. The fact that more checks occur also increases transparency and accountability of the overall operations team and system.

A planned preventative maintenance (PPM) strategy and calendar acts as an interface for all these puzzle pieces and allows things to be customized to the needs of different equipment pieces or more situational aspects tied to your building and business. Flowing from these benefits in this respect, you can expect an average reduction in downtime and in energy consumption (in addition to the improved productivity).

3. Preventative Maintenance Reduces Larger Repairs

We’ve alluded to this benefit via the cost-efficiency and optimized equipment ones, but let’s look at how preventative maintenance saves you money through the reduction of larger-scale repairs. Building owners, operators, and management companies who inspect facilities routinely are able to identify problems or their potential before they become impactful.

Any money spent on maintenance would be dwarfed by the money that’d be spent if a serious problem came to fruition. Since a planned and strategic approach also allows for better management of inventory and supplies, ordering delays are also absolved even in a breakdown (but again, the PPM helps make this reality far less likely).

Hopefully the cyclical benefits are becoming clear, how one feeds the other resulting in more improvements down the line both operationally and the business overall. In a world where we’re all looking to optimize the efficacy of the money we spend, alongside minimizing things like additional impact, a planned preventative maintenance program just makes sense.

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