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Commercial Design-Build Services

Have your total construction costs been affected because delays in completing the design resulted in a reduced construction schedule?


As we provide both design and construction services, we can manage the overall completion of a project more efficiently.

When you combine design and construction services, you can effectively evaluate alternative designs, materials and methods as construction contractors have more experience with materials and methods than designers. Thus, we can meet your specific requirements while keeping costs within budget and eliminating unnecessary delays.


With our Mechanical & Electrical Commercial Design-Build service you:

  • Eliminate the risk of delays during construction as you receive a realistic schedule commitment early on in the project
  • Ensure a complete integration of project objectives as you have single-source responsibility for design and construction
  • Receive performance guarantees ensuring projects fit your desired business model
  • Eliminate change orders, increased costs and budget overruns by combining the responsibility for design and construction
  • Receive a complete lifecycle cost analysis that includes all capital and operating expenses, as well as all available applicable incentives—by analyzing the entire lifecycle cost we ensure you receive the right solution and the correct allocation of capital expenditures

Contact us today to learn how you can streamline your project by overlapping design and construction processes. Please download our Design- Build brochure here.