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In our last two blogs, we’ve looked at planned preventative — in contrast to reactive — maintenance and the benefits of this type of strategy. You’re likely wanting to extend the lifetime of your building and equipment. You want to ensure that the systems and processes are optimized. And you’re probably in agreement with the philosophy of spending a little money upfront to take care of your investment in order to save money over time. So with the reasons why out of the way, here’s how Alliance can help!

First off, Alliance supports preventative maintenance strategies and champions the organizations that take on this proactive approach. When working with clients and implementing this type of program, we are trying to maximize the benefits of your entire building systems over their lifecycle. How do we do this you might ask?

  • Ongoing consultation to gather in-depth details about the building and its systems
  • Rigorous investigations of all related building equipment systems and processes
  • Equipment inventory based on customized needs (e.g. monthly, annually, or by the individual piece)
  • Qualification and procurement services can be offered if and when required
  • Professionals with expertise and a long-term commitment to deliver exceptional services

Whether you’re interested in Energy Reduction Incentive Programs that might be applicable to your situation, or more sustainable models for building design and construction, Alliance has your preventative maintenance services and needs covered! With our management team made up of LEED accredited professionals, you’ll reap more than just the benefits of a generic planned preventative strategy and will instead have one developed for your individual building and equipment needs.

Contact us if you would like more information on how our Preventive Maintenance Planning and Program service can help your systems and processes work to full capacity!