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Building Optimization Solutions

Is your current maintenance program sufficient to maximize the performance and life span of your building and equipment?


To help you optimize performance, we provide a Building Condition Assessment of existing building systems. When we conduct a building assessment, we ensure the proper evaluation of those building systems that you can reuse.

We’ll provide you with options based upon the most effective energy reduction solutions available, including any applicable associated incentives. We’ll identify available incentives and work with you to secure them.

Our solutions incorporate all available technologies to ensure an energy efficient building and to restore it to optimal performance. The benefits of our Building Optimization service are many. You’ll:

  • Receive strategies for sustained optimized performance
  • Decrease energy usage
  • Reduce downtime
  • Receive a cost benefit analysis of possible solutions for building optimization

Our Building Optimization service is a complete start to finish solution for upgrading and retrofitting existing buildings to new high performance building standards. Our team consists of professional engineers, LEED® Accredited Professionals, building design engineers, equipment system specialists, installation professionals, commissioning agencies and financial modelers.

When you maintain optimized performance over the life of the building, it delivers the most significant rate of return on your investment.

If you would like to learn more about optimizing the performance of your building, please contact us. Please download our Building Optimization Solutions brochure here.