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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Are you looking to have a more cost effective and higher quality construction process that allows you to see the end result before the work is even done?
When a building is being constructed or retrofitted, there are multiple stages that make up the project. Building information modelling is used predominantly to create infrastructure documents and 3D building models with all the included systems.

BIM helps reduce redundancy across the different specialists and allows for an overall project plan that can be updated and edited in real-time. With BIM, we can provide a single federated model that houses all the different services, mechanics, and systems in a colour coded visualization.

Our BIM solutions show how everything will be coordinated and make you feel more confident and involved in the overall project. Building projects are expensive and BIM provides the assurance that every potential issue is addressed before breaking ground. The benefits of BIM include:

  • An integrated model for all the project contractors
  • Increased collaboration across various construction teams
  • Ability to identify issues and minimize errors
  • Reduced project timeline with streamlined costs

Using BIM allows us to make better data-driven decisions which minimizes risk. BIM saves time, money, and wasted materials. You’ll enjoy having all construction plans being digitally integrated and visualized. As a result of our solutions, processes, and tools, we can help provide an additional layer of convenience and safety.

If you would like to learn more about BIM (or other virtual design and construction tools) and how it translates into higher quality projects done in a more effective way, please contact us.