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If you’ve ever taken in your laptop or car for a scheduled check to make sure everything’s running smoothly, even though you haven’t encountered any issues, then you’re already familiar with the concept of preventative maintenance. If you took in your laptop or car at the point of incurring an issue, then you’re also familiar with the concept — it’s what you wish you had done! In the next few posts, we’ll be exploring this maintenance approach, its benefits, and what we can offer you in terms of a planned preventative maintenance program.

Before we embark, let’s first get familiar with the idea of preventative maintenance as it applies to building owners and operators. Put simply, the preventative maintenance is a strategy and system that is precautionary in nature involving scheduled maintenance and inspections at regular intervals. These visits help ensure that all equipment is operating correctly to minimize the chance of breakdowns and outages. The goal of the overall program is to anticipate and identify problems before they are impacting so they can be addressed without the need for disruptions in building use, temporary loss of space, complaints, or even lost revenue.

This strategy contrasts the default reactive maintenance approach of many. This method implements maintenance at the point of discovery of a problem or defect. The reactionary way should really only be used in cases of non-essential equipment with simple and inexpensive replacement parts. Unfortunately, the mentality prevails as the lack of routine maintenance visits, dedicated personnel, and lower start-up costs gives the illusion of being more financially prudent.

It’s actually more costly to wait and then do something in the throes of a breakdown however — here’s the short version why:

  • Lack of predictability means a higher potential cost impact
  • Shortened equipment lifespan means spending more money than needed
  • Other equipment can be affected causing more unavoidable costs

Even with just this introduction, it’s probably clear that spending a little money can save you a lot in terms of your building and equipment investments. Avoid the hassle that comes with unnecessary downtime, replacements, or just minimized efficiency. Contact us if you would like more information on how our Preventive Maintenance Planning and Program service can help your systems and processes work to full capacity!

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