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In our last blog, Alliance Engineering introduced variable frequency drives (VFDs). We made the case that VFDs can be used to make HVAC systems more efficient and save you money as a result. In this post, we’ll be exploring this assertion and some other major benefits variable frequency drives offer. Without further ado, here are Alliance Engineering’s top five VFD benefits!

1. Increased system efficiency

We touched on how most building HVAC systems are set to one standard speed — full — in our first post. The efficiency argument is an easy one because we all know that certain days are warmer/colder than others AND that certain parts of the same day are warmer/colder than others. Instead of inefficiently using dampeners and valves, variable frequency drives can be used to dynamically adjust the speed and voltage of relevant motors based on the changing environmental conditions that are gauged through system efficiency measurements.

2. Energy and cost savings

As you can imagine, when your HVAC system is running more efficiently, there are energy savings that follow. Commercial HVAC systems set to constantly be handling peak load (even when the building demands don’t require it to) cause a huge amount of energy waste. Since peak load performance is not needed most of the time and, given the modified speed capabilities of VFDs, it is not unheard of to see related energy bills decrease in the realm of 30% to 60%.

3. Better precision and control

Variable frequency drives also give you a better level of control through their precision settings. These controls and settings contribute to the efficiency and energy savings aspects already mentioned but also provide you with more information. Through system performance monitoring, potential issues can be caught and fixed before they’re a problem. In this sense, VFDs contribute to a preventative maintenance approach (which is also less expensive in the long run).

4. Longer equipment life and less maintenance.

Tied to the better efficiency and precision benefits is the effect it has on the HVAC equipment itself — longer life! Motors that have the ability to dynamically adjust and even start at zero voltage will obviously last longer than those running at peak capacity all the time. These drives also allow you to adjust torque ensuring that the limit of the motor is never pushed too far causing the need for repair or replacement. Let’s face it, the equipment used in HVAC systems is expensive.

5. Additional public incentives

Since everything we’re discussing here falls in the realm of making buildings more energy efficient, and therefore environmentally friendly, there are additional cost savings in the form of rebates and cash incentives tied to public energy conservation programs. When you design and build with more energy-efficient equipment, your building will not only cost less to operate and have lower environmental impacts, the financial incentives in these programs can even help with offsetting the cost of implementing the measures themselves.

Contact Alliance today to discuss how you can save money by improving the efficiency of your HVAC systems. Our solutions incorporate all available technologies to ensure an energy efficient building with optimal performance. We’ll provide you with options based upon the most effective energy reduction solutions available, including any applicable incentives!

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