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There’s nothing better than returning to a warm and welcoming haven during a bitter winter evening or coming home to a cool and crisp apartment on a sweltering summer day. The pursuit for that perfect temperature in apartment and condo buildings has a secret weapon — a centralized HVAC system with individual heat pumps per unit!

These systems work by distributing heated or cooled water to individual living units within a multi-residential building. By using a combination of centralized heating and cooling equipment with individual vertical heat pumps in each apartment, residents can balance comfort, energy efficiency, and convenience. Here’s a brief description of how these units operate:

  • A central mechanical room or rooftop location houses the primary components (i.e. fluid coolers, boilers, water distribution, etc.), maintaining a water loop at the desired temperature
  • In each living unit, a vertical heat pump or terminal unit is installed (usually mounted in the suite or near outside walls to serve the specific apartment) 
  • Heat exchangers allow the heat pumps to interact with the centralized water loop so that they can extract heat from the apartment’s indoor air and transfers it to the water loop for cooling and extract heat from the water loop to warm the indoor air when heating
  • This system ensures that the heated or cooled water is efficiently distributed to all heat pumps within the building, optimizing energy usage by sharing resources across multiple units

Here are some of the benefits they offer:

  1. For the Planet and Your Pocket

Centralized HVAC systems are like superheroes of energy efficiency. Unlike traditional stand-alone HVAC units, these systems operate on a building-wide scale. By efficiently heating and cooling multiple units from a centralized source, less energy is wasted, leading to a more environmentally sustainable solution. This translates into lower utility bills, which is a win for both the environment and people’s wallets.

  1. Less Hassle, More Comfort

Maintenance and monitoring are a breeze with centralized systems. Building management can swiftly address any issues from a central location, ensuring that repairs are carried out promptly. Since all the bulky equipment is not in the residential unit, occupant impact is minimized. Individual heat pumps can still be easily accessed and repaired though if there’s an issue. 

  1. Individual Climate Control

Centralized systems offer the best of both worlds — individual control and shared efficiency. Each apartment gets its own vertical heat pump, allowing residents to tweak their indoor climate to perfection. No more temperature by committee and the centralized aspect helps guarantee the longevity of your building’s HVAC system!

  1. Adapting to Change

Speaking of longevity, building needs can evolve over time and centralized systems are ready to adapt! Adding new vertical heat pumps or making adjustments to the existing system is a straightforward process, allowing your building’s HVAC system to expand and ensure that comfort is never compromised.

  1. Increased Reliability

Centralized HVAC systems with vertical heat pumps are a game-changer in the world of apartment living as they’re designed with reliability in mind. They come with redundant components and fail-safes, ensuring minimal downtime because the system can continue to provide heating and cooling even if one component fails. Comfort is a priority in residential buildings and these systems deliver the consistency residents deserve.

  1. A Little Less Noise

The clanking and humming of HVAC units are often the soundtrack to apartment living. Centralized systems help shift the orchestra away from living spaces, creating a more serene environment than their stand-alone alternative. 

  1. Easier Regulation Compliance

Multi-residential buildings are subject to various building codes and regulations. Centralized systems can make it easier to ensure compliance with these standards, as they are often designed with these regulations in mind.

The beauty of modern living is that residents can have their cake and eat it too. Centralized building systems with in-unit vertical heat pumps offer a host of advantages that enhance comfort, save energy, and make life easier. From efficient energy use to individual control, these systems are revolutionizing the way condo and apartment living is experienced. 

Embrace the magic of vertical heat pumps and contact Alliance Engineering today. Let your building’s comfort and efficiency soar to new heights!