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December 5, 2013 – Ottawa, Ontario. Alliance Engineering, Eastern Ontario’s leading provider of mechanical and electrical engineering and design-build construction services, announced today that it has undergone and launched a comprehensive rebrand of the company. The move, which drastically modernizes the look of the company, also reflects the dramatic changes the company has undergone due to its unprecedented growth.

In 2013, the company’s push to transform the industry was supported by many of the company’s major clients—Alliance’s new positioning is specializing in design-build construction services, and in offering Guaranteed Maximum Pricing.

The focus on design-build construction was to combat issues that have plagued the industry for years: construction costs are aversely affected by delays in design completion, and by the corresponding reduced construction schedules.

Now, with Alliance becoming the sole-service provider of both design and construction services, managing the overall completion of a project becomes more efficient. By combining design and construction services, clients can now more effectively evaluate alternative designs, materials and methods as construction contractors have more experience with materials and methods than designers. Thus, Alliance can meet its clients’ specific requirements while keeping costs within budget and eliminating unnecessary delays.

“Garnering so much marketshare has been a wonderful side effect, but delivering superior service is our one and only goal,” commented Mike Cowan, President of Alliance. “For our clients, identifying an accurate requirement for project capital early on, ensures a successful project within budget. With our pricing methodology of implementing design build, our clients have price certainty. As the design team we specify the cost for configuration, features and materials—we fit the pricing to their budget and specific project requirements.”

The design-build and Guaranteed Maximum Price offerings have attracted high-profile clients and projects such as the Sunlife Financial chilled water plant upgrade project in Ottawa; the Fairview Apartment at 90 Woodridge project to replaced the major mechanical and electrical systems of the 50-year-old building, which resulted in introducing a geothermal heating and cooling system; and the Rideau Centre Shopping Mall project to replace the structure’s original chilled water plant, including cooling towers, pumps, and modern automation. The Rideau Centre project included everything from budgeting and energy simulations, to full project design and engineering—it also resulted in an OPA incentive of more than $200,000 for energy efficiency upgrades.

With Alliance’s Guaranteed Maximum Pricing offering, clients no longer need to carry the entire risk related to construction cost estimates, nor do they need to be concerned whether they are complete or accurate. Alliance now provides guaranteed cost estimates for all proposed project solutions—virtually eliminating budget risk.

“Guaranteed Maximum Pricing was an incredibly important move for us,” said Peter Paciorek, Director of Business Development at Alliance. “Giving our clients peace of mind about their budgets, is paramount. They will never be under capitalized because design and construction together costs more than their budget—with us, they will have a cost estimate guarantee; thus, their project is not at risk of going over budget.”

For more information regarding Alliance’s comprehensive service offerings, the company’s new brand, or a list of projects, visit www.allianceengineering.ca.