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In our blog post introducing micro-CHP systems, we showed how they work and can be used for cooling purposes. As a refresher, micro-CHP and CCHP systems make use of surplus (or otherwise wasted) heat as an energy source that can be used for heating, ventilating, air conditioning, mechanical energy, and electric power for your building. Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits this type of system offers.

1. Lower energy bills and incentives

This “free” electricity that comes from a micro-CHP system will reduce your overall power usage in the building which translates to lower bills and reducing the need for imported electricity. Micro-CHP also qualifies for government programs that provide a financial incentive. For example, the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program was developed to encourage and promote greater use of renewable energy sources.

2. Lower carbon emissions

There’s also an environmental benefit to using micro-CHP systems. Micro-CHP locally produces heat and electricity with more efficiency. This process results in lower overall carbon emissions compared to other conventional heating systems and even electricity from the grid. Micro-CHP systems can reduce CO2 emissions to the tune of 30%!

3. Supply security

Micro-CHP is an example of decentralized energy, meaning on-site electrical generation and storage that is performed by a variety of small, grid-connected or distribution system-connected devices. As a result, your building has increased energy supply security since the reliance on centralized power production (e.g. electrical grid) is reduced. Micro-CHP systems can also provide electric energy to your building in the case of a widespread power outage.

4. Cooling, refrigeration, and maintenance

With micro-CHP, heat can be used for cooling and refrigeration purposes! You can link the micro-CHP system to absorption chillers so that potentially wasted heat can be used to cool your building. Similar to a regular boiler, micro-CHP systems generally require less upkeep and maintenance but should still be serviced annually (ideally).

There you have it, the many benefits of micro-CHP systems! As the cost of energy continues to go up, you can’t afford to be losing heat and potential electricity from your setup. Furthermore, as we move forward in the fight against climate change, there’s an environmental cost to having an inefficient system that simply isn’t worth it. There’s no need for wasted energy and there’s no time to waste!

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