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BIM (building information modelling) plays an important role in the planning, designing, and construction phases of a project as it is a working model.

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At each of the different stages, BIM helps reduce redundancy across the different specialists and allows for an overall project plan that can be updated and edited on the go in real-time. Through BIM, you don’t have to visually inspect everything in person. Instead, a single federated model houses all the different services and mechanics, the different systems (likely handled by various contractors and suppliers) can be colour coded, and the client(s) can better visualize and understand the entire process.

BIM technology helps build understanding by distilling incredibly complex information into something digestible and actionable. The fact that BIM models are 3D enables an anticipatory approach because teams can now account for elevation and scope out potential challenges or clashes (like in the image below). BIM can deliver a clash-free model resolving issues on a computer beforehand rather than on-site once construction is underway.

(Photo Credit: Autodesk website)

Building owners and facility managers also benefit since they can see how everything will be coordinated and feel more confident. Imagine the assurance that comes from a drawing and model that already has every issue addressed. All that has to be done is do the installs as per the drawing — no surprises! Even if a mistake is made, the information can be used to reduce any snowball effect that would’ve otherwise occurred.

Using BIM means there’s the ability to make better data-driven decisions that minimize risk. All in all, BIM saves time, money, and wasted materials. The fact that all of this planning and implementation can be done and communicated digitally is also appreciated. With the current pandemic situation, we find ourselves in, where in-person and on-site meetings are more limited than usual, processes and tools that can provide convenience and safety are certainly appreciated!

BIM translates into higher quality projects that are done in a more effective way. Contact Alliance today to see how we can use BIM and other virtual design and construction tools to save you time and money!