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In our first blog on ice storage systems, Alliance Engineering introduced what they are and how they can be integrated into your commercial building’s HVAC system…

We explored ice storage systems as a more sustainable (thermal energy storage) alternative for air conditioning applications. In this piece on ice storage systems and commercial building air conditioning, Alliance would like to give you the top three benefits to implementing such a system!

1. Environmental benefits

The main benefit from an environmental perspective that ice storage systems come with is the reduction of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases (GHGs). This reduction isn’t just due to an alternative method that finds a way to decrease energy demand and peak loads but because the technology itself is a more energy efficient cooling system.

As we mentioned in our last piece as well, as more thermal storage is implemented in both newer buildings and older ones that get retro-fitted, existing grids will have more ability to incorporate other energy resources (renewable and sustainable ones) so we can curtail our reliance on gas and fossil fuels. Ice and other forms of thermal energy storage are therefore a major part of the push for green energy.

2. Cost savings

A more sustainable commercial building setup can also contribute to lots of cost savings — you know, that other important “green” benefit! When your building is no longer drawing its energy on-demand and during peak periods, the result is obviously a cheaper utility bill. An ice storage system can contribute to LEED credits and other forms of sustainable subsidies.

A wide-scale application of ice storage tanks was installed on the University of Arizona campus. Just over 150 ice storage tanks were used to create a thermal energy storage system that can generate over 23,000-ton hours of capacity at 0.783 kilowatts per ton. The system handles the cooling for more than 200 buildings and created an instant savings of over $35,000 on the university’s monthly utilities!

3. Flexibility and agility

Over the past year, there’s been lots of talk about businesses staying flexible and agile. What about commercial buildings though? Shifting towards ice storage systems that draw their electricity at night (so it can be delivered during the day) gives building and facility managers/operators an added level of flexibility.

By diversifying your energy sources and systems, your electrical power grid infrastructure is made stronger and more resilient. You also have the flexibility to adjusts things on-the-go. Newer system controller setups allow the user to monitor and take into account things like building occupancy, time of day (and its associated electricity rate), as well as the weather conditions outside.

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