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It has long been considered the ultimate yet  seemingly out of reach test of the business  case for green building: if the human benefits  could be reliably quantified this would prove  beyond all doubt the ROI for investing in  building green.

This report does not claim to put this argument completely to rest, but it  does put forward the best and latest information on the building design  features that are known to have positive impacts on the health, wellbeing
and productivity of office occupants and points to financial implications  where possible.

Further – and what distinguishes this report from others – it provides a  high-level framework for building owners, occupiers and their advisors to  start tracking the impacts of buildings on employee health, wellbeing and productivity in order to use that information in financial decision-making.

In other words, it sets the groundwork for businesses to begin to answer  this tantalising question as to the true payback for building green.

This has been made possible by our sponsors, and an extensive team of  experts from the around the Green Building Council global network, who have given up their time to review evidence, debate recommendations
and produce this report.

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