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Article Source: Think Geoenergy

Article link: http://www.thinkgeoenergy.com/early-drilling-indicate-opportunity-for-geothermal-heating-in-budapest-hungary/

Early drilling indicate opportunity for geothermal heating in Budapest, Hungary

Winter ice skating in city park, Budapest/ Hungary (source: flickr/ Gabriel Hess, creative commons)
We have been reporting on geothermal development for heating purposes in Hungary over the years, but most of that development was focused outside the capital area of Budapest.

Now it is reported that efforts to explore the option for geothermal heating in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, have been successful. As reported by Arpad Lorberer on his LinkedIn page, “Two geothermal wells just created reached the hot aquifer at a depth of around 1,300 meters. The first well, designed as a pumping well provided water of about ~around 72 degrees Celsius, and yielded more than 1,300 liters/minute (preliminary data before acid-treating, around 22 l/ second). The second, re-injection well just reached a huge karst cavern at the depth of about 1,250 meters last week.

The geology of second borehole suggest the existence of a previously unknown porous aquifer between 800 and 1,100 meters. The vast differences between the extracted drilling samples we observed also indices at least one huge fault line between the new wells, located ~800 m apart.”

With those results there are hopes that this could inspire further geothermal development in Budapest.

Further details via his post linked below.

Source: Arpad Lorberer/ LinkedIn