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Archibot, a project currently being developed by South Korean architectural designer Han Seok Nam, aims to “revolutionize” how architects and contractors work on construction sites by printing digital CAD plans onto the ground “error free.” Having recently been granted a patent, the robot seeks to avoid the human errors associated with interpreting information from construction documents.

According to Nam, a contractor “will be able to grasp exactly where the door and the wall needs to be constructed by having the construction documents be printed directly onto the site without measurements. Errors will be easily detectable since the construction document can be directly compared to a life-size print out directly on the construction site.” It would be “just like following a map and driving towards a destination.”

See a video of the robot at work


Visualisation. Image Courtesy of Han Seok Nam

Nam is currently collaborating with industry experts and academics who have the necessary technology to develop and produce the machine. Whilst in the process of making a prototype, he is still looking for industry experts or companies with the latest technology and knowledge available so that “the very best version can be produced.” This technology, he hopes, might also be applied to fields beyond architecture such as civil engineering or ship building.

Source: Arch Daily