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Working in the field of electrical engineering, I am the first to admit that I look at the world from a particular perspective: one that sees energy in how it affects buildings, infrastructure, costs, and so on. However, far beyond the business side of energy, we have to take a moment to fully process how energy impacts our lives every day.

Yes, it is easy to list off the obvious things—the lights in our homes and offices, the energy that powers our heaters and air conditioners. But it is truly so much more than that. Energy and our consumption of it has transformed our world, and our lives for better and for worse.

Energy affects our economy, how we live and, most importantly, how we are going to live. Each and every day we see new ads for electric cars, mobile devices, energy saving hardware and software—all designed to make our lives better.

The flip side is the impact that we continue to see globally: energy and our addiction for it negatively impacts our planet to the point where it is now showing up on our doorstep.

It is this mindset and mindfulness of energy that brings us to this issue of Design+Build Magazine. The articles contained in this issue address the possibilities of human innovation and dedication to the planet we all call home. From how our industry is growing through new innovation, to energy saving ideas, to unimaginable technology.

As always, we hope you enjoy this issue—perhaps it will inspire you to have the energy to address how you consume the energy in your life.

Mike Cowan
Editor in Chief