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A slow revolution can be discerned, slowly solidifying itself around the globe—a revolution that challenges everything we know about the construction industry and about the future of sustainability. The direction that buildings and communities will take is becoming increasingly clear.

It is no surprise that construction approaches must adjust, after all with the planet that we live on facing threats such as the adverse impact of climate change, the way we build, live, and interact with the environment demands a new outlook.

Making buildings a part of the environment, as opposed to a structure that contradicts it, is the new paradigm by which all of us in the industry will be judged. Whether it is new and innovative materials, the technology that drives the infrastructure, or the way the ecosystem is built to be more ecologically friendly—these factors all play a role in how we will construct our future.

In this issue of Design+Build Magazine, we look at the future of construction—many techniques are already in practice. From renewable energy, to weather-sensitive technology, to the confluence of people and living spaces striving to maintain a one-planet mantra, all these are becoming the future of our businesses and our lives.

As always, I hope you enjoy this issue. I hope it brings about insight and debate, as well as challenging our knowledge and ideals—all leading to a better, more sustainable future.

Mike Cowan
Editor in Chief