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It’s hard to believe the new year is already upon us—the holidays seemed to arrive and pass by so much more quickly this past season. And, of course, with the fervor of the new year comes resolutions, plans for success, and optimism for the 12 months that await us.

It is for those reasons that this issue of Design+Build Magazine brings you articles that not only provide insight into the world of engineering, but also delivers a few quick tips and tools that can be used throughout the year.

It seems like our publication grows with every issue—and this month’s magazine is no exception. Again, the optimism of the new year has perhaps spurred us on in our endeavor to share what we can with our clients, partners, friends, and family.

From case studies and formulas, to articles that incite conversation, we hope you enjoy this issue, and that your year is as bright as anticipated.

Mike Cowan
Editor in Chief