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Centre for Advanced Building Envelope Research (CABER)

Located on Natural Resource Canada’s CanmetENERGY campus in Bells Corners, the Centre for Advanced Building Envelope Research (CABER) is dedicated to studying and improving building efficiency.

  • Project Type: Electrical Contracting

About This Project


The CABER building is a new addition to the CanmetENERGY campus in Bells Corners and acts as a laboratory for researchers to study how heat, air and moisture move through materials and highly insulated wall systems contributing to energy loss. This is an important area for construction, manufacturing and renovation industries that will play a pivotal role in net-zero and energy retrofit solutions for buildings.

Alliance Engineering performed the electrical construction for the building which houses state-of-the-art equipment including a two-storey guarded hot box and climate chamber (to simulate indoor and outdoor conditions), a two-storey pressurized spray rack, and in-situ wall openings for comparative sample analysis. The building also houses a 16-tonne crane that moves the samples from one station to another.