Scientists use liquid metals to turn carbon dioxide gas back into coal

Article Source: New Atlas Article link: https://newatlas.com/carbon-capture-co2-into-coal/58637/ If we're going to curb the worst case scenario of climate change, it's not enough to just cut back on future carbon dioxide emissions – we need to remove some of what's already in the air. Capturing carbon from the air and sequestering it is emerging as a [...]

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Europe Setting Path for Climate Neutrality

Article Source: Ashrae Article link: https://www.ashrae.org/news/ashraejournal/europe-setting-path-for-climate-neutrality Europe Setting Path for Climate Neutrality From ASHRAE HVAC&R Industry News  February 14, 2019 By W. S. Comstock, Contributing Editor, Europe & Middle East BRUSSELS—With the recent completion of the European Union’s Clean Energy Package (including the revised Energy Efficiency Directive, Renewable Energy Directive and Energy Performance in Buildings Directive), [...]

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New Massachusetts energy efficiency plan to push storage, heat pumps and ‘demand response’

Article Source: Mass Live Article link: https://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2019/02/massachusetts_plans_to_further.html By Mary C. Serreze mserreze@gmail.com Special to The Republican BOSTON -- Massachusetts utilities have won approval for a "nation-leading" plan to cut electricity and natural gas sales over the next three years. The 2019-2021 energy efficiency plan, approved by the Department of Public Utilities on Jan. 29, would cut aggregate [...]

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How to Keep Cool Without Air Con

Article Source: Temasek Article Link: https://www.temasek.com.sg/en/our-community/temasek-gives/community/how-to-keep-cool-without-air-con.html How to Keep Cool Without Air Con  04 DEC 2018 Why not take the humidity out of the Singapore weather instead? This alternative will not only keep electricity bills low, but it is also friendlier to the environment – all these while improving the comfort of residents. When Assistant Professor [...]

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World’s Oldest Nobel Prize Winner Says His New Device Will Give Clean, Cheap Energy

Article Source: Science Alert Article Link: https://www.sciencealert.com/world-s-oldest-nobel-prize-winner-says-his-new-device-will-give-clean-cheap-energy World's Oldest Nobel Prize Winner Says His New Device Will Give Clean, Cheap Energy HILARY BRUECK, BUSINESS INSIDER 28 JAN 2019 Arthur Ashkin, the world's oldest Nobel Prize winner, favours comfort over style. When I met him in his New Jersey home, he was sporting a fleece-lined zip-up, corduroy [...]

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