Researchers discover “zombie solar cells” that generate power even after electrolyte evaporation

October 9, 2015  A group of researchers at Uppsala University has discovered a "zombie solar cell" that continues to generate electricity with unexpected effectiveness although the liquid transferring charges between the electrodes has dried out. The results were recently published in the journal Energy and Environmental Science. Credit: Gerrit Boschloo and The Royal Society [...]

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NREL Seeks to Optimize Individual Comfort in Buildings

October 7, 2015 Scott Jensen and Grace Brown were the first volunteers to take part in testing in NREL's Comfort Suite (C-Suite). Photo by Dennis Schroeder   On a typical early fall morning in Golden, Colorado, the temperature outside was about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Tucked inside a unique structure at the Energy Department's [...]

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Solar Oxides, flexible photovoltaic solar cells created through 3D printing

Sep 21, 2015 | By Kira Spanish tech company Oxolutia has developed Solar Oxides, flexible photovoltaic solar cells that can be manufactured by 3D printing. Using conductive oxides, a non-toxic, stable, and low-cost material found abundantly in nature, the cells open up exciting new opportunities for generating low-cost solar energy. The Solar Oxides team [...]

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Stanford engineers invent transparent coating that cools solar cells to boost efficiency

The hotter solar cells become, the less efficient they are at converting sunlight to electricity, a problem that has long vexed the solar industry. Now, Stanford engineers have developed a transparent overlay that increases efficiency by cooling the cells even in full sunlight.   When laid over a solar cell, the transparent material shown [...]

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