Tip of the week: Do you know what EER, SEER and COP mean?

Let’s first look at the EER, or Energy Efficiency Ratio, definition: It is the measure of the relative, but not overall, efficiency of a cooling or heating appliance or equipment. It is expressed as the ratio of output in British thermal units (BTUs) per hour to the energy consumed in watts. To find the Energy [...]

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UN Climate Summit: 4 things to know about the talks

New York City might as well be the place for a "bold, new course of action" on climate change, as the conveners of the 2014 Climate Summit hope. Channelling his inner Frank Sinatra, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon likely thought that if climate change commitments can be made there, they can be made anywhere. Climate change marches draw hundreds [...]

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Tip of the Week: How do you winterize your evaporative cooling equipment?

The best way, is be proactive. As Canadians we all know how to protect ourselves from the winter weather, after all we live in a country where the temperature dips so low that frostbite can occur in less than ten minutes—and that’s disregarding the wind chill factor. So how do you protect your cooling towers, [...]

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10 surprising air-conditioning facts from the new book ‘Cool’

The easiest way to beat the heat this weekend may be to turn on your air conditioning. But the road to being able to flip a switch to cool down your house was not so simple. As author Salvatore Basile explains in his new book "Cool: How Air Conditioning Changed Everything," the path to easy, [...]

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Tip of the Week: What liquid will keep your water from freezing?

Heat Transfer Fluids Comparison of Ethylene Glycol vs. Propylene Glycol As Canadians, we know all too well that sub-zero temperatures can wreak havoc with our engineering infrastructure—in particular, water freezing when it shouldn’t. Thus, we need to choose the right solution (pardon the pun). It’s this need that brings us to this tip of the [...]

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