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Article Source: Yahoo Tech

Article Link: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/2-4-million-texas-home-185608268.html?

A recent Zillow listing has us scratching our heads, but perhaps there is a data center that wants to relocate to the heart of a Dallas suburb. An interesting Zillow listing shows a $2.4 million office masquerading as a house, with an immersion liquid cooling system inside for all your data center needs.

With a brick exterior, cute paving, and mini-McMansion arch stylings, the building certainly looks to be a residential home for the archetypal Texas family. Prospective home-buyers will thus be disappointed by the 0 bedroom, 1 bathroom setup, which becomes a warehouse-feeling office from the first step inside where you are met with a glass-shielded reception desk in a white-brick corridor. The “Crypto Collective” branding betrays the former life of the unit, which served admirably as a crypto mining base.

The purchase of the “upgraded turnkey Tier 2 Data Center” will include all of its cooling and power infrastructure. Three Engineered Fluids “SLICTanks”, single-phase liquid immersion cooling tanks for use with dielectric coolant, will come with pumps and a 500kW dry cooler. The tanks are currently filled with at least 80 mining computers visible from the photos, though the SLICTanks can be configured to fit more machines. Also visible in proximity to the cooling array is a deep row of classic server racks and a staggering amount of networking.

The listing advertises a host of potential uses for future customers, from “AI services, cloud hosting, traditional data center, servers or even Bitcoin Mining”. Also packed into the 5,786 square feet of real estate is two separate power grids, 5 HVAC units, a hefty amount of four levels of warehouse-style storage aisles, a lounge/office space, and a fully-paved backyard. In other good news, its future corporate residents will not have an HOA to deal with, and will only be 20 minutes outside of the heart of Dallas, sitting just out of earshot of two major highways.

If you’d like to commit to a messy mineral oil cooling system, operate a company out of a residential-zoned area, or just buy the biggest block of acreage in this Dallas suburb, the Zillow listing can be found here (or feel free to just gawk at the listing for yourself; the photos tell a strange story).