Ontario To Convert Largest Coal Plant In North America To Solar Farm

March 11, 2016 by Cleantech Canada Staff Idled in 2013, and formerly the largest emitter in Canada, Nanticoke coal plant will be converted to a 44 MW solar installation. Ontario Power Generation’s Nanticoke Generating Station in southern Ontario. The station stopped producing energy in 2013 as part of the province’s coal phase-out. PHOTO: OPG [...]

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Self-Sufficient Floating Home To Create Its Own Water And Energy

  DAVID SZONDY DECEMBER 6, 2015 Building design of a floating house that provides its own heat and water (Credit: Fraunhofer) Living on a houseboat may seem very romantic, but the day-to-day misery of hauling water from shore and listening to the thump of the generator can soon take the icing off the [...]

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As electricity costs rise, market for heat pumps takes off

Thomas Simon has been trying to cut back on fossil fuels. He weatherized his home and added a wood stove. But in the dead of a Vermont winter, Simon still had to rely on an oil burner to get through those cold nights and days. But now he has found something that suits his environmental [...]

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Your new heat source: data centers

The massive data centers that power services from Google, Facebook, IBM and other tech giants are big-time energy hogs. But researchers around the world are starting to turn them into an energy source. Data centers are large facilities filled with servers and other equipment. In the United States, data centers are responsible for more than [...]

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2014 Fixed Retrofit Incentives

Click the links below to view the 2014 Fixed Retrofit Incentives. 2014 Fixed Incentive Brochure 2014 Custom Incentive Brochure

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