Design+Build Magazine Issue #6

Working in the field of electrical engineering, I am the first to admit that I look at the world from a particular perspective: one that sees energy in how it affects buildings, infrastructure, costs, and so on. However, far beyond the business side of energy, we have to take a moment to fully process how [...]

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Design+Build Magazine Issue #5

As we ring in the New Year, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation—a feeling of renewed vigor for the year ahead. For many, it means New Year resolutions and the attempt to make life better, not just for ourselves but also for our planet. However, a resolution should be accompanied by a true [...]

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Design+Build Magazine Issue #4

A slow revolution can be discerned, slowly solidifying itself around the globe—a revolution that challenges everything we know about the construction industry and about the future of sustainability. The direction that buildings and communities will take is becoming increasingly clear. It is no surprise that construction approaches must adjust, after all with the planet that [...]

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Design+Build Magazine Issue #3

It’s hard to believe the new year is already upon us—the holidays seemed to arrive and pass by so much more quickly this past season. And, of course, with the fervor of the new year comes resolutions, plans for success, and optimism for the 12 months that await us. It is for those reasons that this [...]

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Design+Build Magazine Issue #2

It can be no surprise to anyone when I say we live in interesting times. The technology that we have at our fingertips on a daily basis has proven to be both evolutionary and revolutionary—connecting us all in ways that previously we never thought possible. A global village that can access information at a moment's [...]

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Design+Build Magazine Issue #1

The world of design build is a place in which I wake up everyday filled with both enthusiasm and frustration. The enthusiasm is the easy part: a love for what I do and the rewards of working with my partners and coworkers. I find it inspiring to see our endeavors come to fruition, to work [...]

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