UW Team Refrigerates Liquids With a Laser for The First Time

November 16, 2015 by Jennifer Langston Since the first laser was invented in 1960, they’ve almost always given off heat — either as a useful tool, a byproduct or a fictional way to vanquish intergalactic enemies. But those concentrated beams of light have never been able to cool liquids. University of Washington researchers are the first [...]

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This Building Doesn’t Need A/C: The Building Itself Is An Air Conditioner

October 29, 2015 | 6:45 AM by Ben Schiller This ingenious cooling system circulates cooled air in an endless loop—all without any electricity. If they weren't so necessary, you wouldn't choose to build an air conditioning system inside a large building. With endless ducting, they take up lots space, produce lots of noise, and cost [...]

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Storage advance may boost solar thermal energy potential

November 3, 2015 Engineers at Oregon State University have identified a new approach for the storage of concentrated solar thermal energy, to reduce its cost and make it more practical for wider use. An advance in the storage of concentrated solar thermal energy may reduce reduce its cost and make it more practical for [...]

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Rising demand for cooling technologies threatens Earth of dramatic warming

By Darwin Malicdem on October 28 2015 12:44 AM The fast increasing demand for air conditioning and refrigeration across the world could be accelerating global warming and may smash current climate pledges of different countries to halt carbon emissions. Cooling technologies are commonly used with fossil fuels, which can provide cooler indoor conditions, but at [...]

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