Using refrigeration-unit controls to ‘deep-freeze’ cargo theft

Globally, cargo theft is a multibillion-dollar industry. The types of goods stolen cover a wide range from electronics to clothing to tobacco products. The leading target of cargo thieves in North America, today, is food—meat in particular—a commodity that is typically transported by refrigerated trailers. Meat prices, driven upward by U.S. drought conditions in 2012, [...]

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Environment Waste Sainsbury’s store to be powered solely by food waste

A Sainsbury’s store in the West Midlands will be the first retail outlet in the UK to come off the National Grid and be powered by food waste alone in a groundbreaking project being unveiled on Monday. Sainsbury’s and waste recycling company Biffa have been working on new technology to allow the Cannock store to [...]

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Design+Build Magazine Issue #1

The world of design build is a place in which I wake up everyday filled with both enthusiasm and frustration. The enthusiasm is the easy part: a love for what I do and the rewards of working with my partners and coworkers. I find it inspiring to see our endeavors come to fruition, to work [...]

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High-tech firms focus on energy efficiency to confront climate change

s President Obama pushes ahead on a strategy for confronting climate change that relies heavily on energy efficiency, some Americans may see flashbacks of Jimmy Carter trying to persuade them to wear an extra sweater and turn down the thermostat. Silicon Valley sees dollar signs. Long overshadowed by wind turbines, solar panels and other fashionable [...]

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