Archibot to Print CAD Data “Error Free” onto Construction Sites

Archibot, a project currently being developed by South Korean architectural designer Han Seok Nam, aims to “revolutionize” how architects and contractors work on construction sites by printing digital CAD plans onto the ground “error free.” Having recently been granted a patent, the robot seeks to avoid the human errors associated with interpreting information from construction documents. According to Nam, a contractor “will be able to [...]

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Solar Wind Wins Approval for $1.5 Billion Power Tower

Solar Wind Energy Tower Inc. (SWET) won approval from an Arizona city to develop a $1.5 billion project that would use ambient desert heat to create a draft to generate electricity, in a concrete colossus that would be the tallest structure in North America. The 2,250-feet (686-meter) project, which resembles a nuclear plant’s cooling tower, would be capable [...]

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This machine makes drinking water from thin air

The World Health Organization reports that 780 million people don't have access to clean water, and 3.4 million die each year due to water-borne diseases. But an Israeli company thinks it can play a part in alleviating the crisis by producing drinking water from thin air. Water-Gen has developed an Atmospheric Water-Generation Units using its "GENius" [...]

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