WHO: Air pollution caused one in eight deaths

An estimated 7 million people died due to air pollution globally in 2012, with more than half of the deaths linked to indoor smoke from cook stoves, according to a report by the World Health Organization. Air pollution is now the "single largest environmental health risk," the U.N. health agency stated in the report. The [...]

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Work on Saudi’s 1km Kingdom Tower to start April

Construction of Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower, which at over 1km will become the world’s tallest building upon completion, is set to begin in Jeddah next month. UK construction trade magazine Building reported that above ground work on the $1.2bn project, which is being overseen EC Harris and Mace, will start on 27 April. It is [...]

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Scientists in Japan to put Stars-2 satellite into orbit to trial space cleanup

It sounds like an idea for a niche movie aimed at sci-fi anoraks: a floating magnetic net that harnesses tonnes of wayward space junk and makes the overcrowded orbital lanes above Earth's atmosphere safe for future exploration. Yet that is what scientists in Japan will have in mind when they put a satellite into orbit on Friday, equipped with [...]

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The Cost of Daylight Saving Time

With the switchover to daylight saving time just around the corner, you might wonder why we go to the trouble of springing forward and falling backward every year. It turns out that more daylight gives us more time to shop, drive, grill and perfect our golf game. What it doesn’t do is cut our energy [...]

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MJM + A Architects Unveil Design for Hudson Spire –The Tallest Building in North America

MJM + A Architects PLLC, an award-winning Manhattan-based architectural practice, recently unveiled their plans for the construction of Hudson Spire, a 110 story, 1,800 foot tall tower that would become the tallest building in North America. The structure will include approximately 1.2 million square feet for high-end retail, office, hotels, and residences in the heart [...]

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A Huge Solar Plant Opens, Facing Doubts About Its Future

NIPTON, Calif. — The Ivanpah solar power plant stretches over more than five square miles of the Mojave Desert. Almost 350,000 mirrors the size of garage doors tilt toward the sun with an ability to energize 140,000 homes. The plant, which took almost four years and thousands of workers assembling millions of parts to complete, [...]

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