2014 Fixed Retrofit Incentives

Click the links below to view the 2014 Fixed Retrofit Incentives. 2014 Fixed Incentive Brochure 2014 Custom Incentive Brochure

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Liquid-Cooled Supercomputers, to Trim the Power Bill

TOKYO — Dropping a home computer into a vat of liquid would wreck it. Yet some operators of supercomputers are submerging their machines in liquids, without causing any apparent damage, to keep them from overheating. Advocates say so-called immersion or submersion cooling could solve one of the biggest challenges of the digital economy: reducing the [...]

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Is Your Data Center Ready for the Polar Vortex?

Is your data center equipped to ride out the Polar Vortex? This month’s unusual weather pattern has brought frigid air to parts of the U.S. that don’t normally see extreme cold snaps. Not to worry. Many data centers operate just fine in brutally cold weather, and your colleagues from these colder climates have tips on [...]

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