Self-Repairing Concrete Could Be The Future Of Green Building

Soon, home builders may be growing their own insulation right in the walls of the home. And bricks could grow in a mold rather than bake in a kiln. Manufacturing traditional construction products like bricks and insulation consumes a lot of resources. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that residential and commercial building contributes up [...]

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NASA says ozone hole stabilizing but won’t fully recover until 2070

The hole in the ozone layer is stabilizing but will take until about 2070 to fully recover, according to new research by NASA scientists. The assessment comes more than two decades after the Montreal Protocol, the international treaty that banned chlorofluorocarbons and other compounds that deplete the ozone layer, which shields the planet from harmful ultraviolet rays. Levels [...]

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Is One Angel Square the “World’s Greenest Building”?

Queen Elizabeth has marked the official opening of more than few buildings in her time, but until last week never one the likes of One Angel Square, new headquarters of the Co-operative Group. The Building Research Establishment said the Manchester development earned the highest score ever in its BREEAM rating system for buildings, 95.16 percent. Whether that really [...]

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Cooling System Keeps Space Station Safe, Productive

International Space Station temperature control is a good deal more important than keeping things inside comfortable. It is a critical system that keeps the station livable and enables important scientific equipment to conduct the microgravity research that is the station’s primary reason for being. The station has two external cooling loops. The two loops circulate [...]

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